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What we have been up to during lockdown!

If you have found yourself on this page, Welcome! Even though the doors to The Hub have been closed due to the lockdown, we have been busy behind the scenes making sure we can come back bigger and better than ever!

In The Hub:

Like the majority of us we have been doing a lot of sorting and organizing at The Hub. We are so grateful to receive many toy, book and equipment donations. This year because of your generosity, we were able to donate a huge selection of Toys, books and activities to The Haslemere Food bank for Christmas for children who this year may have gone without.

We have also had a brand new kitchen fitted, a huge thank you to Red Rock for coming out and fitting us a beautiful new kitchen for the café and hirers to enjoy. We can't wait to be able to serve hot toasties and welcome back cooking clubs once we can reopen!

We have new buggy shelters outside the front and the side of the Hub, for all our classes who have little ones to use! A massive thank you to Angela Kennedy ( former Reading Fairies owner) who generously donated these to us. These will have so much use at The Hub and will make a huge difference to all the parents visiting us.

During the the most recent lockdown we were able to host Mothers Meets at The Hub, the meets themselves really opened up our eyes to what a lack of support new parents and new born's were getting. This was a place for parents to share stories and have a cuppa and the atmosphere was incredible! We were able to squeeze in a few guest speakers, including our amazing Sleep consultant and Swallowsnest Doula! We also set up our newest addition, which is our baby weighing scales. We have set up a new station where parents can come and weigh their babies at any time, during our opening hours. We have found it has given parents a piece of mind and we are so happy to be able to provide this service for our community.


We have hit nearly 2000 follows and 1,700 likes on our Facebook page and we have over 1000 followers on our Instagram! We have worked so hard over the past two years and we are so glad we have been able to build up an online community, who are so supportive of all that we do! We really do appreciate every like, share and comment!

As our Mothers Meets were so popular we didn't want anyone to miss out while The Hub was closed, so we decided to open our Mothers Meet Facebook page! This Facebook page is aimed to recreate our meet ups online. Here we can share activity ideas, our favorite products and services and generally chat about all things to do with parenting! If you think this would suit you search 'The Haslemere Youth Hub Mothers Meet' on Facebook and give us a follow.

Behind the scenes:

Now we can't give all of our secrets away, but we wanted to give you a taster to what's to come!

We are busy planning our biggest renovation/community project yet! Although we can't give too much away we are hoping to fix up some of our outside space. However these projects aren't cheap or quick (Rome wasn't built in a day am I right?) so it will take a little while to get there but we hope to reveal more as soon as we can.

New Beneficiary scheme- if you find yourself coming to The Hub often our beneficiary scheme may suit you. We are soon to be launching a membership which not only gives you great offers such as a free hot drink in the café every week, but will also help to fund huge community projects. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for our Beneficiary launch!

We are busy planning many events, activities and fundraisers for

The Hub. We have had to put our thinking caps on but have come up with a range of ideas Covid permitting or not! We have planned competitions, online activities and hopefully some events and family friendly days out at The Hub when we can.

That is all for now, we are working so hard behind the scenes to offer things to our community and we would like to thank you all for your support. We look forward to seeing you all again in the near future!

All our love The Hub x

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